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- Vivian So

The Story

Amy wanted to generate leads, so she made a lead capture page and sent cold traffic to the site. 10,000 visitors had been to her site, but resulted in no opt in, and she wondered why?

One of her tech savvy girlfriend took a look at her landing page and thank you page, to learn that her autoresponder was not connected properly. So, Amy found a tech guy to fix that.

She, then started to get some opt in, but the situation did not improve much. She spent more money on ads - from Facebook, Google and Bing. After spending 10,000 dollars on ads, she wondered why there was no result.

She started to doubt if online marketing really work. Does this story sounds familiar?

The Problem:

We all know digital marketing is the way to move forward along with traditional marketing. But how does digital marketing actually work? How to measure each dollar got spent in the creating the sales funnels? How to caught if the funnel is working or prone to technical errors?

The Solution:

With our Funnel Assessment, we can create stimulated funnel scenarios, and calculate how much profit you will make according to your current setup of the marketing funnels. And we can fine tune the setup and improve upon your funnel system, by mapping out a new funnel map.

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