If you are talking about oral communication. It takes practice in daily situations to improve it. Have to take the courage and as people to offer their insight. I’m sure if they are true friends they will be willing to help you

If it is written communication, you need to read more business article if u r in business feel to look at the structure of the article. And after identifying what is a good article structure, you have to practice writing them. Start by building a blog with blog post.

If you can’t think of a subject. Go to community like quora and try answering questions that u feel u can answer and save a copy of the post.

After you collect a bunch of them, those are the topics u r well verse in, and restructure your comments on these community into a blog post following the structure you learn when u were reading up other people’s work

Ask your friends to help correct your writing or provide constructive feedback

In regard to technical skill, I’m not too sure in which field of academic. But even a graduate from a business degree need continue education.

Identify your learning goal. Is it for certain positions? If so go to job board to make sure u drop down the requirements and get training on those subjects.

There are online and offline school. You will want a training that is comprehensive at the same time match the stage of your learning. Some will be comprehensive but very junior, while others maybe comprehensive but very high ended.

You need to find something suitable for u. And some may be more intensive and some more spread out over a period of time.

Again u need to understand your learning style. Last but not least you need consider the reputation of the institution. Make sure not scammer.

And a study program that offer real life portfolios building experience and those that help alumni to find job or write resume is much more valuable than a big name school that don’t offer any practical applications

That why some people think university does not prepare graduate with real world applications

I’m not objecting university education. I’m merely speaking which is the way I will pick my training