Use an inbound strategy with a social and content strategy.

But first depends on the purpose of your website, the product or service you offer, the purpose of your landing page, and where you visitors in his or her buyer journey, which stage of funnel is he/she you try to recruit them in, what kind of lead magnet you are offering, who is your buyer persona, you will approach the same problem in a slightly different angle.

You have to identify these elements esp your buyer persona and his /her buyer journey, b4 you can create a social and content strategy.

First step is to do an audit of your current social media and content strategy. Which piece of content went viral or get most engagement? Do more of those post.

If you don’t have any Analytics data because you haven’t established a social presences yet, you can look at your competitors social channels, which post of them went viral, which got most engagement

You will also do social listening and social monitoring

Social listening is to browse and engage with your own followers and customers or competitors followers and customers and just start engaging with to get to know them like friends. Retweet and share their content, showing some love. Share what they like to share with them.

After some relationship building, find the magic moments where u can identify an unmet needs expressed or a potential needs that users not aware of and turns the conversation into where they grow an awareness of your product or service.

It shall not be sale pitch tone. But more like an invitation to try something new or get more info from an online friend.

Social monitoring is where u monitor what is being said about your brands, products, services on social media. And u can monitor your competitors brands, products and services. There are many social monitoring tools. A free one Google Alerts

You can do a Google search to find the best tool suitable to you.

And whatever your strategy is do not forget to set Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics Goal, Facebook Pixel, Google Campaign URL Builder, etc. And set up your own Google Dashboard

You need to be able to track your marketing efforts with results by using Analytics tracking tool.

Hope this help