You may want to do some self discovery in what type of task you are more easily focus on and carry out to completion.

And get to know yourself. There must be something drive u and that you are passionate about. Focus on how these passion, drives and goals in life my motivate you to find and keep your job, even though you may lost interest easily.

Finding out your why will help you become more determine and resolute.

If you are influenced easily, you may not want a job that need leadership or making lots of important decisions.

Maybe a job where the job description is well structured and defined, where it is straight forward following protocol and procedures are best. Because no decision or uncertainty there

But you may find it very routine. So u need to know why u r working. Is it working to achieve higher lifestyles or to travel, etc. Or is it because the cause the organization is supporting or planning to return to school?

You need your why to stay in the job because you easily drop interest.

Hope it help