1. Get to know the IT solutions that is serving hospitality industry. What is the target audience, marketing persona, what kind of problems is your company providing solutions to them. Turn each of the solutions features into benefits
  2. E.g Our visitor login solution guarantee smoothness transition in customer holiday experience from check in to check out.
  3. You will have to decide if you are going to use Linkedin to scrape a list of contact be cold call. If you have Linkedin Sale Navigator with getprospect.io you can get a good list of companies contact and emails. You have to identify who is the decision maker and influence. Approach the influencers, build the connections and ask the influencers to advocate on your behalf to the decision maker.
  4. Before making first call, you may want to be familiar with CRM system of your company, compliance policy, any contractual agreement needed to be signed with your customers that you will need to prepare
  5. Any marketing material you need from other departments. Like you may want to have access to product demo videos. Or ask the marketing team to setup a landing page for you if you are going to send your lead to a website for a more in depth orientation video after the initial introduction call. And make sure their is an opt in form (if u need them to go through stage 2 prequalifying) or buy button on that landing page, or your number where they can order with you
  6. Identify different milestones of the project and pick a relevant KPI for each milestone. Put together a timeline and submit your marketing plan

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