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There is a reason why I put my service in this order:

  1. KPI Advice
  2. Audit: SEO + Social
  3. Monitoring: SEO + Social
  4. Marketing Strategies
  5. One on One Tools Training

KPI Advice
In order to have enough data to audit a business, they will need to have claim Google My Business, set up with Google Analytic + Analytic Goals, and Google Search Console for six months, prior to enrolling my SEO/Social Media Audit, or Monitoring service.

To setup Google Analytic Goals, a business has to identify their business and marketing objective, so to assign the right KPI that can measure their goals effectively. A general SWOT will be conducted base on the company existing marketing strategies, and offline historical data.

Audit: SEO + Social
During the actual SEO/Social Media Audit, I will go in-depth reviewing both on-page and off-page SEO, all existing social media analytics, as well as perform a competitor’s analysis using SEO and Social Media tools. I will also do some preliminary social listening to access the healthiness of the company brand

Monitoring: SEO + Social
After SEO + Social Audit, it is about monitoring SEO, Social Media campaign, and perform social listening on a regular basis, so that I can recommend timely strategies and response to your target audience to maximize opportunities and profit

Marketing Strategies
Base on the finding from the monitoring of SEO + Social, using data from Google Analytics, Social Listening, and Social Media Analytics, I will recommend SEO and social media content marketing strategies that the business can then implement on their own.

One on One Tools Training
At some points, if the business would like to take over the ongoing audit and monitoring tasks with an in-house team, I do offer one on one tools training. I say it one on one because it will either be live job shadowing an employee or it is going to be in evergreen webinar format. They can always reach out to me for any questions they have.




Clients Expectation
Marketing is a long game and takes time to grow and get results. I therefore strongly recommend we work together for at least six months to ensure success.

Budget Expectation 
Each of my service packages cost around $4,000 US – $6,000 US. If you pay it one time upfront instead of paying by a retainer, I can give you a 5% discount on the monthly retainer.

With every client, there is a percentage of the monthly retainer required upfront before commerce into the contractual terms.

Expected Outcome
The key to success is by taking action! When you invest in implementing the strategies that I lay out for you, I guarantee that you’ll see a return on your bottom line. My reports will give you insights, as well as providing creative solutions in order to successfully expand your marketing efforts and strengthen your business.

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Let me Help You with Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and, SEO Marketing. We Help You to Define KPI, Audit + Monitoring your SEO and Social Media Profiles and Recommend Marketing Strategies that is Timely and Data-Driven. We also Provide One on One Tools Training, and Setup your Google My Business.